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How Emergency Plumbers Can Easily Stay Awake By Drinking Coffee

Drinking coffee is something most people do, but many benefits come along with the beverage. It is not only used as a means to enjoy something to drink, but as a way to stay awake as well.

A professional emergency plumber is someone who is going to have to be alert all the time. They can receive a call at any time during the night, and it is important to remain up.

This is where coffee can come in and provide the boost that you require.

Let’s see how coffee can help emergency plumbers stay awake.

1) Consume 15-30 Minutes Before Tiredness Kicks In

So, when should you be drinking it? You should be ready to drink it at least 15-30 minutes before you start working. This is the right way to go about things because that is how long it takes for the coffee to kick in as needed.

You don’t want to drink it while you are working as it will take time for it to kick in.

Don’t let it get to that point. You want to drink it well in advance as that is key.

When you do this, you will never see poor results and will be able to stay awake.

2) Drink Every Few Hours

This tip works very well for us. We picked up a great new coffee maker a month ago, it was this model www.coffeemakerworld.net. It is very easy for us to make coffee quickly, so you can have it throughout the day. You want to drink every few hours because that is going to make a real difference. You should never feel like drinking coffee is not a good idea. It is good for the body, and you will want to drink it every few hours or so. This is the best way to get positive results.

You will be able to get the maximum out of your cup as long as you are drinking it every 2-3 hours. Those who do this will be more than content.

You will feel energized, and as soon as it wears off, you will be good to go again.

3) Don’t Stop Drinking

The worst thing an emergency plumber could end up doing is stopping. You have to keep drinking for it to have a good impact on your body and getting the sleepiness out of your head.

Many people drink one and think that is enough for the next 12 hours when that is not the case at all.

The body will push through the coffee and start to get tired again.

An emergency plumber has to be prepared to make coffee all the time because it is going to help a lot. You will feel great, and that is key when it comes to your health. Those who don’t think about this are the ones who are going to make mistakes. You will not be able to carry out the repairs as needed and when a client is calling in an emergency, they will want the best results.

You want to be prepared, and a good cup of coffee might be enough to get you back to those established standards that are needed.

Jacob Sams

Budget Plumbing Repair Tips For Homeowners


For the most part, plumbing functionality is something that most homeowners can take for granted until something occurs that makes them change their thinking. The most common plumbing issue is that most homeowners have to deal with is a clogged drain or pipe.

Bathroom sinks accumulate hair, makeup, and toothpaste that form a thick residue that is great for stopping up the drain. Kitchen sinks are victims of incomplete garbage disposal grind, where parts of food and grease also form a very efficient drain stopper.

Then there is the occasional toilet that wants to clog up, and that can be an exciting experience because someone used too much toilet paper or had an extra special bowel movement.

Leaky pipes are another common occurrence that a savvy homeowner can fix fairly easily. Otherwise, there can be a mold problem that crops up in a hurry.

The first line of defense for the erstwhile plumber-homeowner is a good supply of chemical drain cleaner. Most of the brand products consist of sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite. When these compounds mix with water, they react and cause a lot of heat and turbulent action, which cleans out most of the matter that is clogging the drain, which then pushes it through.

The chemical drain cleaners will work for minor clogs that occur in traps and areas close to the sink drain. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain; however the user needs to follow the directions carefully to avoid injury.

A drain snake or auger is another inexpensive means to combat clogs that are near to the drain. Most of these instruments can be purchased at the local hardware store, and they run from 25 to 50 feet long. They can be wound down into the drain where they will engage the clog and push it on through the pipe.

If there is a serious clog that cannot be dislodged by the chemical cleaner of the mechanical clog, the homeowner can call the rooter company to come out and use their power auger, and this will work 99 percent of the time. The cost on this will run in the $120 to $250 range depending on the company. We charge in that ball park, and you can get a hold of us on our contact page. Sometimes we get super busy, and we refer extra work to our friends at Best Portland Plumbers.  Their website is right here: Best Portland Plumbers – top quality plumbing service. Make sure that you mention us when you call.

pvcpipeFor leaky pipes, the homeowner needs to learn where the shut-off valve is for the house, or at least to the area where the pipe is leaking. A temporary fix is to use heavy duty plumbers tape over the leak or to remove the leaky section and replace it with new pipe. If the leak is coming from a joint, he may have to call a plumber.

If the leak is in PVC pipe, the job is a little easier in that the pipe and the joints are easier to cut out and replace, and can be repaired with new pipe and a new joint easily enough. The nice thing about PVC pipe is the ease of creating new joints anywhere you wish and being able to use PVC pipe cement to make any location leak proof. PVC is used a lot to carry water into and out of the house.

Replacement of a kitchen or bathroom faucet is another common chore for the home plumber. It is a good idea to identify the brand of faucet you have, if possible, and then look on YouTube on how to install that brand of faucet. Especially when you are working on a kitchen sink faucet, some of which are more complex. A good video will walk you right through the process.

It is a good idea to research any project as thoroughly as possible and know your limitations, so you don’t have to call the plumber just to fix the result of your DIY plumbing project.

Jacob Sams

3 Reason Why You Should Become a Plumber

post3Plumber is a profession that has been on the rise for past few decades. Several people are diverting to these blue collar jobs such as plumbing to avoid getting under a lot of debt and make a good living for themselves.

National Labor Bureau estimates that the plumbing profession is going to expand at the rate of 20% in next few years. In addition to this fact there are several other reasons due to which people adopt plumbing as a career. Some of those reasons are discussed below.

1) Interest

Some people don’t have much interest in learning numbers and getting their knowledge from the books, they tend to perform much better at more practical tasks such as plumbing. If you are one such individual then plumbing can be a great profession for you.

2) Financial Obligations

A formal college degree costs a fortune and considering the current job market these degrees don’t necessarily help you in making a good living for yourself. If you do not have the financial strength to support such an expensive education then it’s a much safer choice to go for plumbing as a profession.

3) Earnings

Plumbing is a profession that can be undertaken when a person has completed the high school and attained at least 18 years of age. Starting at such a young age can provide you with a lot of time and opportunity to perfect your craft and become a master at it. Earning wise a good plumber can earn up to 152,000 USD per annum in a large city.

Jacob Sams

4 Fast Plumbing Tips For The Winter

post2We at Daly City Plumbing understand the importance of a solid and efficient plumbing system at your home. Changing weather can have a lot of impact over the life of the plumbing in your homes. Below we share some tips to help you with maintenance of your plumbing in the winter.

1) Fat and grease is the major cause of clogged drains. The grease and fat can get stuck in the drain leading to clogged drains. In the winters this grease and fat can solidify and cause significant problems for your plumbing system, therefore avoid draining grease and fat into the drains.

2) Avoid draining vegetable peel and hard seeds of different vegetables in the sinks. These kinds of things are not properly grinded by the disposer and can get stuck in the drains leading to clogged drains.

3) Be wary of the frozen pipes. The pipes located at higher locations such as attics can are highly vulnerable to cold temperatures. These frozen pipes should be immediately taken care of by a professional plumber to avoid significant damage. To avoid the frozen pipe issue try to install the pipes in a properly insulated places or bury the pipes underground so they are not exposed to the harsh temperatures.

4) Water heaters are used a lot in winter season. Therefore carry out a detailed maintenance check before the winter by a professional plumber to ensure that you do not experience any problem in the middle of the winter leading to a lot of inconvenience.

Jacob Sams

3 Tips to Maintaining Your Plumbing System


Most people don’t think much about different set of pipes and sewer installed in their hour. But these pipes probably provide the most important facilities to your house.

These pipes deliver cold and hot water to your bathroom and kitchen and take waste from your bathrooms. Paying attention to these pipes and carrying out frequent maintenance of these pipes can go a long way in increasing the life of your plumbing installations. Below we share some tips to properly maintain your plumbing.

Chemical Products

Chemicals products mostly used by the homeowners to unclog drains do more harm than good. The chemical products are very corrosive and cause a significant damage to the pipes. These chemical products also fail to completely eradicate the problem of clogged drains forcing you to use these products repeatedly causing significant damage to your pipes. Therefore it is recommended to get the issue of clogged drain taken care of by a professional plumber.

Water Pressure

Most homeowners try to increase the water pressure as much as possible, this water pressure if increased beyond the safe limits can compromise the life of the pipes. Any water pressure above 45 – 85 PSI is considered to be extremely harmful for the pipes leading to leakages. Therefore consider hiring professional plumbers to reduce this pressure to safe limits.

Magnesium and Calcium

Some regions are susceptible to the magnesium and calcium buildups. If you see white spots or putty it is a clear sign of mineral buildup in such a case it is recommended that you should install a water softener to increase the life of your plumbing.

Jacob Sams