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3 Tips to Maintaining Your Plumbing System

3 Tips to Maintaining Your Plumbing System


Most people don’t think much about different set of pipes and sewer installed in their hour. But these pipes probably provide the most important facilities to your house.

These pipes deliver cold and hot water to your bathroom and kitchen and take waste from your bathrooms. Paying attention to these pipes and carrying out frequent maintenance of these pipes can go a long way in increasing the life of your plumbing installations. Below we share some tips to properly maintain your plumbing.

Chemical Products

Chemicals products mostly used by the homeowners to unclog drains do more harm than good. The chemical products are very corrosive and cause a significant damage to the pipes. These chemical products also fail to completely eradicate the problem of clogged drains forcing you to use these products repeatedly causing significant damage to your pipes. Therefore it is recommended to get the issue of clogged drain taken care of by a professional plumber.

Water Pressure

Most homeowners try to increase the water pressure as much as possible, this water pressure if increased beyond the safe limits can compromise the life of the pipes. Any water pressure above 45 – 85 PSI is considered to be extremely harmful for the pipes leading to leakages. Therefore consider hiring professional plumbers to reduce this pressure to safe limits.

Magnesium and Calcium

Some regions are susceptible to the magnesium and calcium buildups. If you see white spots or putty it is a clear sign of mineral buildup in such a case it is recommended that you should install a water softener to increase the life of your plumbing.

Jacob Sams
Jacob Sams