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Budget Plumbing Repair Tips For Homeowners


For the most part, plumbing functionality is something that most homeowners can take for granted until something occurs that makes them change their thinking. The most common plumbing issue is that most homeowners have to deal with is a clogged drain or pipe.

Bathroom sinks accumulate hair, makeup, and toothpaste that form a thick residue that is great for stopping up the drain. Kitchen sinks are victims of incomplete garbage disposal grind, where parts of food and grease also form a very efficient drain stopper.

Then there is the occasional toilet that wants to clog up, and that can be an exciting experience because someone used too much toilet paper or had an extra special bowel movement.

Leaky pipes are another common occurrence that a savvy homeowner can fix fairly easily. Otherwise, there can be a mold problem that crops up in a hurry.

The first line of defense for the erstwhile plumber-homeowner is a good supply of chemical drain cleaner. Most of the brand products consist of sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite. When these compounds mix with water, they react and cause a lot of heat and turbulent action, which cleans out most of the matter that is clogging the drain, which then pushes it through.

The chemical drain cleaners will work for minor clogs that occur in traps and areas close to the sink drain. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to obtain; however the user needs to follow the directions carefully to avoid injury.

A drain snake or auger is another inexpensive means to combat clogs that are near to the drain. Most of these instruments can be purchased at the local hardware store, and they run from 25 to 50 feet long. They can be wound down into the drain where they will engage the clog and push it on through the pipe.

If there is a serious clog that cannot be dislodged by the chemical cleaner of the mechanical clog, the homeowner can call the rooter company to come out and use their power auger, and this will work 99 percent of the time. The cost on this will run in the $120 to $250 range depending on the company. We charge in that ball park, and you can get a hold of us on our contact page. Sometimes we get super busy, and we refer extra work to our friends at Best Portland Plumbers.  Their website is right here: Best Portland Plumbers – top quality plumbing service. Make sure that you mention us when you call.

pvcpipeFor leaky pipes, the homeowner needs to learn where the shut-off valve is for the house, or at least to the area where the pipe is leaking. A temporary fix is to use heavy duty plumbers tape over the leak or to remove the leaky section and replace it with new pipe. If the leak is coming from a joint, he may have to call a plumber.

If the leak is in PVC pipe, the job is a little easier in that the pipe and the joints are easier to cut out and replace, and can be repaired with new pipe and a new joint easily enough. The nice thing about PVC pipe is the ease of creating new joints anywhere you wish and being able to use PVC pipe cement to make any location leak proof. PVC is used a lot to carry water into and out of the house.

Replacement of a kitchen or bathroom faucet is another common chore for the home plumber. It is a good idea to identify the brand of faucet you have, if possible, and then look on YouTube on how to install that brand of faucet. Especially when you are working on a kitchen sink faucet, some of which are more complex. A good video will walk you right through the process.

It is a good idea to research any project as thoroughly as possible and know your limitations, so you don’t have to call the plumber just to fix the result of your DIY plumbing project.

Jacob Sams